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Kommentator first release

Howdy. After being disappointed with current comment systems for static websites I decided to develop very lightweight open source comment system for static websites. Today I am really happy to announce first pre-alpha version, so, without further ado, here it is: Kommentator Kommentator is open source, lightweight, dependency-free comments system for websites. Main focus are static websites or blogs, but it can be used on any website. Goals of this project: provide a hassle-free way to enable commenting on your blog/website so you can carry on with your life and blogging.

Requirements: Good Comment System for Static Websites

Following up on previous previous post I am collecting here a requirements for good comment system for static websites, mainly blogs: Non-functional requirements Simple installation. This is one of the main requirements, you can furthe split it by: Number of server components needed to run. Less is better. Integration into static website Things like domains, SSL, reverse-proxy, etc. Performance. One of the reason for popularity of static website generators is that they provide really high preformance, comment system should also be performant, which can be split in two factors: Size JavaScript components Latency in receiving comment list from server Complexity of HTML layout Easy administration.

Need for Open Source Comment System for static websites

Current state of blogging After installing Hugo on this blog I came to the problem of enabling comments. In case you are not aware, Hugo is a static website generator. You write each post as a Markdown file and then run hugo “build” process to generate static HTML. “What?” I hear you ask. “Static HTML?” I see your lips saying while your eyes increase in size twofold. I have to agree that I also can feel the smell of 90’s when I hear about static HTML.