Kommentator first release


After being disappointed with current comment systems for static websites I decided to develop very lightweight open source comment system for static websites. Today I am really happy to announce first pre-alpha version, so, without further ado, here it is:


Kommentator is open source, lightweight, dependency-free comments system for websites. Main focus are static websites or blogs, but it can be used on any website. Goals of this project: provide a hassle-free way to enable commenting on your blog/website so you can carry on with your life and blogging. You can start Kommentator once, forget about its existence and start enjoying engagement with your audience. To reach these goals, following tech stack was chosen:

It is also important to notice what Kommentator is not:

Today I have released version 0.1.1 which I would encourage everybody to try. Note that it is not production ready yet, it is not even “alpha” release, but it has basic functionality. In fact, it is being used on this very page.

So, try it out. See how it goes.

Oh and yes, leave a comment below!