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On success stories and search of truth

There is an interesting point in Stoics philosophy about truth: they urge everybody to seek it and not being afraid of changing your mind if something you believed was true turned out not to be the case. It is interesting to look at this through the context of literature, success stories and “believe in yourself” mantras which are very popular right now. Perhaps always been. This post is not about self esteem but about point of focus in these success stories.

On new year resolutions

We are already three weeks into the 2018 and I think it is a good time to share an interesting thought about New Year Resolutions. New year resolutions are really great, it is like buying a mood boost on a credit: you can already feel benefits of becoming a better person without doing anything. And payback of a failed resolution will come only later. To understand something better it is useful to break it down to components.

If I had the opportunity to give one advice to each developer

It would be “do your job best way you can do it, but expect others to screw up”. And this advice is not only regarding code, but everything you work with. If there is some chance that something can go wrong, eventually, it will go wrong. If there is possibility of Database getting files corrupted, eventually it will. If there is possibility that some query will take too long and as the result of it, your system will become unresponsive, it will.