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UK Pole Dancing Competition

Last Sunday I attended UK Professional Pole Competition, originally when I heard about it I thought that it can be really good opportunity to practice photography with telephoto lens. I was not disappointed! Before we jump into the photos, piece of personal advice: Never pick up fight with professional pole dancer Well, it is better not to pick up any fights at all. But hey, these dancers are so strong, it is unbelievable.

Eurotrip: change of plans, Geneva instead of Zurich

Yesterday I was planning to spend next day walking around Zurich. But in the morning, while having breakfast I decided randomly visit CERN website and check if they have any tours available. They did. I had an idea to visit CERN quite a while ago, but they always seemed to be fully booked. First of all, you can visit CERN exhibitions without tour/booking, but if you want to get a glimpse at first particle accelerator built at CERN or how LHC (Large Hadron Collider) is run, then you need to book a tour visit.

Eurotrip: Luxembourg

Eurotrip — Luxembourg My second stop after Brussels was Luxembourg. I wanted to see this country and city because it is very tiny, and sits in center of Europe. Country does not have access to sea, which is called being landlocked. What a nice word. It has some sort of terrain with a lot of hills and towns scattered across. I booked hotel in the middle of nowhere, at the end of the road, with small river nearby.

Europe trip: Bruges

Holiday Eurotrip This autumn I decided to take some holiday and travel through Europe by car. My plan is to visit Bruges, Luxembourg, Zurich and Milan. I do not have a set route or hotels booked for the whole trip, I decided to book hotel on a day. It is a quite fun experience, to be honest: you do not know where exactly you are going to sleep, except for the country :)