UK Pole Dancing Competition

Last Sunday I attended UK Professional Pole Competition, originally when I heard about it I thought that it can be really good opportunity to practice photography with telephoto lens. I was not disappointed!

Before we jump into the photos, piece of personal advice:

Never pick up fight with professional pole dancer

Well, it is better not to pick up any fights at all. But hey, these dancers are so strong, it is unbelievable. Also, make no mistake, performing pole dance is very exhausting, kudos to all the dancers!

Lets jump to the photos. Competition was split in 3 qualifications:

Photos are presented chronological order. For some performers I did not manage to get any good shots (because I was experimenting with camera settings), not all performers are presented. Apologies for that.

Color/intensity of lights were different during different performances, which added to the challenge of taking good shot! For example this performance was blue-lit:

Presenter was very nice British lady:

This performance was called Silent Hill, it started by Silent Hill siren:

You can tell how well performances were choreographed, just look at shape of arms and hands:

She hold this position static for some time:

There were two poles on stage: static and dynamic (dynamic can spin freely on its own axis). Movement between the poles during song was important part of the performance:

You do not need cross fit. Just do pole dancing :)

There was also a male dancer!

Technical details: I was using 70-200 lens, shooting at 2.8 from tripod in 1500-2500 ISO range with postprocessing in lightroom

You can also see a little bit more photos here: here

What do you think about pictures? Which one is your favorite? Comment below!