Java 8 Features in a nutshell – Optional

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Hope everybody already know that Java 8 is out. It brings a lot of interesting features to make Java easier and more comfortable to use. I will try to talk through some of those features in a nutshell. Lets start with Optional class. As with all Java 8 features, Optional existed before the release, for… Read more »

Grails 2.3 exclude class in json/xml renderer not working

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Recently I started to play with Grails 2.3.4 and discovered a lot of nice features around REST, grails team did really good progress here. When I was playing I noticed that I always had “class” field in JSON returned to me by grails server when I checked the doc, it was saying that you need… Read more »

Introduction to Cassandra video

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We started a tradition of organising a tech talk each month at AirSense. First tech talk was given by me and I talked about cassandra. Check this video and I would be happy to receive any comments and suggestions for improvement. (Yes, chair sounds are terrible :-/ )

Java chronicle library tutorial #1: Basic examples

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Introduction I dont remember how, but occasionally I ended up reading amazing blog of Peter Lawrey about different aspects of Java programming, focused, particularly on performance. Peter also author of Java Chronicle library which he describes as: This library is an ultra low latency, high throughput, persisted, messaging and event driven in memory database. Basically, it allows an application to… Read more »

Grails locking rows for update in PostgreSQL with NOWAIT

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One day I needed to lock a record in grails application for update so other transactions does not mess with it while I am updating it. I started digging through the doc and found a section about locking in official documentation. It was pretty straightforward: you just need to use lock() method. So I did this: And… Read more »

Why test driven development works

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This post will be not about technical stuff of Android or Grails, but about programming in general. Yesterday, when I was waiting for my program to start on android I start thinking that I lose quite some time for this start-click-see result cycle. If it takes 30-50 seconds to build upload and start new apk… Read more »