Grails Class.forName ClassNotFoundException

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Hi everybody. While I am writing introduction post about grails, I would like to share solution for a problem I have encountered today. Lets say inside Grails application you want to get a Class object for some Groovy/Java class, which is located in src/groovy or src/java folders by class name. For example, in BootStrap.groovy. You… Read more »

Things you need to remember when using finally in Java

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Because Java has a Garbage collector and you don’t know for sure when your object will be destroyed it is tricky to do proper resource management, in comparison with C++ where objects are created on the stack or you control their lifecycle manually by new/delete operator. To help you deal with that, the finally block was… Read more »

Apostrophe in email address

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Today we were surprised to find out that you can use apostrophe symbol in email address. That means that email address like o’ is absolutely valid. Btw, note that even wordpress does not recognise it as valid. Which brings me to the RFC and Wikipedia article about email format. Ready to be surprised? Here is… Read more »